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Lightning-fast Lambda: Ephemeral Compute with Rust

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UG Leaders
UG Leaders
5.30pm - 7.30pm

Write-once, run-anywhere languages have made running workloads in the public cloud easier than ever, albeit with increasing concentration on the same few languages and runtimes. As a low level, memory-safe language, Rust provides an alternative that can optimise our compute usage along all dimensions of the AWS Well-Architected Framework (i.e. operational excellence, performance efficiency, cost optimisation, reliability, sustainability and security).

In this presentation Aiden Ziegelaar will outline how Rust is already being used in companies around the world with great results. He will show you how to adopt Rust in CI/CD, infrastructure as code, and AWS-provided tooling for accelerating development. After treating how Rust-based ephemeral compute might benefit your organisation in the short and long term, Aiden will provide a take-away template for a Rust-based serverless application.


Aiden Ziegelaar is a Lead Consultant at Cognizant Servian, with a diverse industry background ranging from startup-scale embedded IoT and Industry 4.0 through to enterprise-scale EduTech companies and utility providers. His expertise lies in cloud-native, secure software development, with a keen interest in exploring emerging technologies.


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Refreshments provided from 5.30pm with the presentation starting at 6pm.